AI and Conversational Design

We help humans and corporations create, train and continuously improve their virtual employees

About Us

We're a company founded with a mission to bring virtual and human employees together to achieve world leading sales and customer service

Stephen, having worked at some of the largest inbound service AI systems for companies such as Sky, Vodafone, Lloyds and RBS while leading IBM UK's conversational practice, decided it wasn't enough for AI to sit back and wait for customers to contact organisations. AI needs to reach out and help customers when they need help, not when it's convenient for the corporation, AI needed to scale in the times and places when humans can't, and AI needed to act in concert with employees, not in isolation. Stephen left to set up ThinJetty, an ethical AI organisation that connects and partners each virtual employee with a human employee to grow and learn together. Here at ThinJettty we build virtual employees, chatbots, and voice actied conversational systems, and provide training on the best ways to do this. We've chosen to build our organisation in Cardiff, a dynamic and fast-growing European capital, with a strong base of local contact and service providers, and a group of excellent universities.


We believe in ethical AI that works with humans and for users

We build systems that help sales and service employees exponentially extend their reach, not replace them. We use agile methods to continuously train and improve AI systems to deliver hard business results at scales impossible by humans alone.

Our Services

how can we help you today?


How do you initially train and then continuously improve a conversational system? How can you build the skills in your workforce to train and optimise the system? We offer detailed training courses covering all aspects of conversational design and AI improvement and maintenance


We provide expert consultancy on AI and conversational design. From handling diverse inbound service queries to pro-actively reaching out to customers. We can help ground your business in the AI art of the practicable and possible and help you scale your contact strategy beyond your competitors

Technology Comparison

Unsure of which AI technology to pick? We provide detailed quantitative reports comparing leading conversational tools and AI technologies. We can help you evaluate the features, ongoing costs and the classification accuracy to make the right choice for your business

Conversation Build

We're busy working on some of the very latest in outbound, proactive, and conversational strategies for service and sales. We don't believe that AI should sit there just waiting for someone to speak to it about a problem, we believe it should reach out in the moment to assist

We build brilliant bots

Humans and AI working in partnership