We’re very conscious of trying to go about our work in a clear, transparent and ethical way.

When you’re talking to an AI on our site, that’s clear from its team member profile describing it, from how it speaks, and from its profile picture. If you’re talking to a human through this site the same applies and you’ll find the same level of detail about both. We always try and be clear who you are talking to by clearly marking any conversation handovers.

That same approach applies to our use of cookies, we are trying to be clear when and how we use cookies, and with cookies (unlike AI) keep their use to an absolute minimum. At the moment we use just two essential, persistent, first party cookies for messenging which make sure you

  1. get the right messages as part of your conversation and not anyone else’s, and
  2. let you read the history of your conversation.

To keep cookies at this level we’ve written our own sharing links for social media on our contact us page which don’t require cookies, and we don’t use Google analytics or similar. We also don’t use any advertising or third party cookies.

That means we probably aren’t going to know that you have visited our site unless you choose to reach out to speak to us (and we’d love to hear from you), and if you do speak to us, you can remain anonymous if you want to by not identifying yourself.

If you want to browse without any cookies we understand, please use your browser settings to turn them fully off.

Most of the site should then work without cookies enabled as expected but having a messanging conversation won’t work. But you can use our contact us page to reach out to us in the way you are most comfortable with.

If you’re OK with us using some cookies, these are the cookies we use and what they are for

Essential messaging cookies

We use intercom.io for our messenging on this site. This sets two, persistent, first party, cookies.

First party means they are linked only to this domain and are only read or set in conjunction with intercom.io when you visit this site only. They aren’t read by any other site you visit even if that site also uses intercom.io messenging.

The first cookie is to uniquely anonymously identify you which means that you get the right messenges in any messaging conversation you start, and the second gives you access to your messaging history with us for up to a week - which can be extended if you come back. You can read more about how this works on the intercom.io site here: https://www.intercom.com/help/pricing-privacy-and-terms/intercom-messenger-cookies

You can also download a full transcript of your conversation by:

  1. clicking on the person you are speaking with in the header of the messaging widget, then
  2. clicking on the download button (an arrow pointing downward into a line).

This will download a text file of the conversation. If you’ve finished talking to us, and have kept a copy of the conversation you are happy with, then you can then safely delete all the cookies we store by using your brower settings.

Without these essential cookies the messenger part of the site enabling you to talk to us or our bots won’t be able to work. There isn’t therefore an opt out, however you can block all cookies using your browser settings.

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